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Deposit Cryptocurrencies on your Mastercard

Spend cryptocurrencies everywhere in the world with your own Crypto Mastercard

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Accepted worldwide

Use your card everywhere. More than 40 million retailers and merchants accept Mastercard no matter where you are in the world.

Charge instantly

Transferring cryptocurrencies is faster than a bank transfer. Therefore you can deposit new money in your account without a delay.

5.000 Euro Limit per Day

You can withdraw or spend up to 5,000 Euros per day with your crypto Mastercard

Instant exchange of your crypto currency to EUR

Send cryptocurrencies to your account in order to deposit them on the card. With every deposit we will instantly exchange your cryptos to Euros and make them available on your card immediately.

Security is the most important

Cold Storage

We make sure that your funds are safe all the time and therefore store most of them in a cold storage

SSL Encryption

The website and your account will be secured with SSL Encryption

Card Management

If you lose your card you will be able to lock the card all the time

No Fluctuations

Your funds will be deposit in Euros on your Mastercard therefore you are not at risk of losing any value when the Bitcoin Price goes down

Frequently asked questions

1_When will I receive my card?

We will start shipping the cards now. You can start using them on November 1st.

2_What are the costs?

For the issuance of the card we will charge a fee of 49,95 Euros. Besides that there is also a monthly fee of 9,95 Euros. The fee will be automatically deducted from your wallet.

3_What are the financial limits of the card?

You can pay up to 5.000 Euros per day with your crypto Mastercard. If you want to withdraw money from an ATM there will be a daily limit of 5.000 Euros

4_What is the token contract address?

The token contract address is: 0x8694ee05b45c9fe1058ce532de8dbcf1d84a4154

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We will start shipping the cards now. You can start using them on November 1st.

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